These past few weeks has been difficult for us, & there are a lot of us who are hurting…BUT, we are all in this together & we will get through this together.  Thank you for your love & support these past few days. It’s meant the world to us!

We’ve had to close shop, for now, & had to let go of 15 technicians who are family to us & have families. They have nowhere to go, & we are their only source of income. We are adapting, adjusting & getting resourceful as much as we can during this time, like making & selling hand sanitizers, to provide some sort of relief for our technicians. We do not make any profits from this.

Our business is the business of care—caring for our planet and for people with purpose + intention. One of our loyal Pink Pedi clients reached out because she has a group of sewers for her apparel company, and together, we brainstormed about making face masks as a way to help everyone. We have people in need, she has people in need & materials that were supposed to be used for apparel, and we also have a medical community that is in need of help—so how can we do this so it’s in the most thoughtful, mindful and supportive way for everyone?

This is what we came up with, & it’s similar to what other organizations are doing around the world:⠀

SPONSOR 2 masks or BUY A MASK & we’ll donate one to the medical community who are in need of them.  Either way, a mask is going to be given to someone who needs it most, and at the same time, it will also cover our costs and support our staff in need.

SPONSOR - $10 for 2 masks, cover the cost of labor & processing, provide desperately needed financial relief for our technicians & support the sewers.⠀

BUY A MASK & DONATE ONE to the medical community - $10. This is available for curbside pick-up or online delivery. ⠀

Masks will be available online & for purchase. Stay tuned. In the meantime, donation needs or for media inquiries, please contact:


Masks are made from 2 plys. of a breathable micro-fiber, soft & stretchable fit. One size fits most. Not medical grade.


We’re in this fight together!  

Think Pink